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Reading Club

The focus of the new Reading Club is on reading for enjoyment as well as storytelling and paired reading. Observations of how the paired reading was implemented left room for concern as learners were not engaged in paired reading; instead, the Grade 6 learners were reading stories to the Grade 4 learners. The entire reading club session would be made up of this, which left both the learners and facilitators feeling bored.

We aim to make the reading club more exciting by making the reading club a more interactive space. Each session will start off with a fun game or activity that would raise excitement and get learners to feel comfortable and less tense. These games include Cued singing, word games such as hangman and story chairs.   

Ke Nako Festival - Berlin 2017 

Book Launch 2014 

                        Book Launch took place in Pretoria, Es'Kia Mphahlele Library.