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 Art Workshop

We will then move on to a story telling session in which learners will be given pictures, paper and pencils, as well as a guideline (skeleton or frame in which learners will need to fill in what happens in between each given scenario). Learners can also write or tell stories about the different games and songs at the beginning of the session. 

Street Children Festival 2012 - Odlum Gallery (Yala Town, Kenya)

 Pick-up an Artist Campaign

We are on our way to pick-up rural artists.

Rural artists tend to be footloose. They are not tied to a specific place and work mainly from home. It’s always a struggle to find affordable space in metropolitan areas; rural areas are more of a convenient. Once Rural in the Citi Movement (RITC) hosts a population of artists, they can help the region attract non-artist residents who value the arts as an amenity, and they can engage all residents in relationship-building through cultural activity.

Given this potential worthy cycle, it is no surprise that Rural in the Citi Movement have developed strategies to attract, deploy, and connect artists as part of broader renaissance efforts. With your support, The Movement aim to bring this rural artist life to the surface.

RITC Movement provides artists in rural regions the opportunity to work with professional artists acting as mentors, who help guide the program's participants in developing their artistic voice and bodies of work. The mentorship program gives artists the chance to connect with other fledgling artists in their areas, developing contacts and friendships. 

Art Missionary

As an art missionaries, we strive to teach positive communication skills in matters that affect the marginalized living outside of the cities.

The movement believes that in extreme and difficult social circumstances, it is imperative that children in the rural space are provided with the stability of anchoring activities that keep them positively occupied and provide them with a sense of self-worth.

Unfortunately almost all rural schools in South Africa have scrapped art as a subject in their school year curriculum. Hence many children lack creativity as well as the skills to do something outside their school borders. Moreover, positive role models and opportunities to learn life skills are absolutely essential if these children in rural settings realise their worth via these art platforms.