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Mieyere - Oodlum Gallery (Yala, Kenya)

Miyere (Odlum Gallery, Kenya) and Street Children Festival 

RITC Movement is the preservation of rural culture through traditional ways of living. These ways of living are still very much practiced in many rural settings and cities as heritage. The ways of finding a platform or space for artists to prosper in the cosmopolitan cities that are built on a new global culture. When rural people come to the city, they do not necessarily need to change their ways but can just as easily fit in. The movement is therefore about ensuring that a rural artist finds life in the city easily adaptable.


Formed in 2012 Bochum - Limpopo, the Rural in the Citi Ltd (Pty) (RITC) is an inter-disciplinary, independent children’s books publisher and an art Movement. The Movement was established to create access to literature in indigenous languages and the use of art and media strategies as alternative education models and tools. We believe it is important to tell rural stories and educate our children in indigenous languages. To this effect we keep producing variety of indigenous language storybooks and videos through our publishing programme.
Through our art programme, RITC initiate and provide platforms for collaborative, experimental & innovative projects with youth, artists, cultural practitioners and educators. We strive to uplift rural artists and to encourage their participation as citizens through various forms of art. We help provide artists with a platform to showcase and sell their work in cities and therefore promoting rural art. We tackle among others challenges such as unemployment, substance abuse, and lack of resources. RITC conducts workshops in various schools and community centres in rural villages across South Africa.  

Our Mission

RITC aims to help with access of resources to rural artists. We create a platform for rural artists to sell artworks in the cities through exhibitions, and therefore instil enterpreneural skills. We also produce children’s books in indigenous languages to promote language and culture.


We are an organisation that creates a platform for rural artists to access resources and feed their respective families. We also help children through reading workshops and actively help them to gain access to books in their mother tongue. We believe that quality, holistic education is the key to break the cycle of poverty.

It was formed with these goals:

·      To give rural artists a platform to showcase and sell their work in cities to promote rural art.

·      To encourage art as a career and a business opportunity.

·      To encourage rural artists to participate in matters that affects their surroundings.

·      To enable rural artists to live in hope and dignity by providing them with entrepreneurship skills.

·      To act as a linking mechanism between the rural and urban artists and therefore forging cultural exchange. 

·      To create access to reading materials in indigenous languages.

Community Development

RITC gives back to the communities through instilling entrepreneurial skills and job creation. We also conduct workshops in various schools and community centres with children in rural villages across South Africa and beyond. Cultural expressions engage the public and contribute essentially to democratic development. Cultural exchange between rural and cities will help and benefit rural artists with ideas and information to see art as a form of entrepreneurship opportunity.